Tip #10: Be Social

To succeed on the Internet today, you have to create content that ignites interest and engages your audience. However, if you are new to the industry, your primary concern will be developing an audience rather than creating content.

Here are some tactics you can use to build an audience on the various social media networks.

Switch Content Format

When you are starting out as a gaming and hobby entrepreneur, you may not have a lot of content on your website. However, you can turn what little you have into infographics, visuals, or audios; converting text content into other formats can help increase your subscriber base.

Images and infographics do well on visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Audio works for podcasting on iTunes. Video is ideal for your YouTube channel.

You can even convert your content the other way around: transcribe your podcasts into text or turn your videos into comic-book storyboards to post on your Facebook page.

Create a Social Media Channel Plan

Your goal on each social platform will likely be different, as will your content. You need a channel plan to help you achieve (and track) success on each platform. A channel plan is a marketing strategy designed specifically for a particular social media platform, and lists elements such as:

  • The Channel (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • The Buyer Persona (You need to target a specific demographic on the network you choose)
  • The Goal (Do you intend to make a sale or create a better user experience?)
  • Content Format (Text, videos, infographics – choose wisely for the platform)
  • Tone (Serious, playful?)
  • Channel integration and automation (You can link your channels for better impact)
  • Desired Action (What customer behavior do you want to achieve?)
  • Editorial Plan (Each channel needs an editorial calendar)

A realistic channel plan can help you leverage the social platforms you choose and integrate your social media efforts with your other marketing.

Constant Content Delivery

Use tools like Edgar to help you double your traffic through your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. Build your content library, update your schedule with the posts you want to release and when you want it done. Edgar will take care of the rest.

Strategic Use of Hashtags

Using the right hashtags helps you broaden the reach of your social media campaigns.

Make sure your hashtags are easy to spell and memorable. Confirm your hashtag choice isn’t already being used for something else – check across all your channels, as hashtags are now a universal feature. Then create the hashtag and start the conversation!

Do not overuse hashtags: a single Facebook post with a dozen hashtags will turn off your audience. Pick two or three tags at most – ideally just one – and focus on spreading them as wide as you can.

Use tools such as Social Mention and Sprout Social to follow your hashtag’s progress.

Use Popular Updates to Write Blog Posts

Take your most popular social media content – tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos and so on – to create smashing content.  Try to express your ideas in a thought-provoking manner that’s easy to read, to encourage even more comments and sharing.

Elements of a Good Social Media Post

Just like blogging, your content has to adhere to the six elements of a good post:

  • Catchy title – grab your readers’ attention with exciting titles.
  • Attractive images (and video previews) – no one wants to look at ugly photos or watch boring videos, so make yours stand out.
  • Brief and engaging content – there’s no question of how long or short the content should be on social media: 300-600 words. Don’t waffle.
  • Keywords – SEO helps enhance your searchability on social platforms, the same as for web pages on the search engines.
  • Good marketing strategy – you can’t go wrong with a good strategy.
  • Luck – you do all you can and let the rest take care of itself!


Now that you have the basics down, let’s look at the best ways to use each of the main social platforms.

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are curated groups of Twitter accounts. Lists are usually public and generally composed of like-minded people. For example, you can create a list of gaming enthusiasts, bloggers or marketing experts.

When you start using Twitter, use apps to find relevant people to follow. Most apps work like Twitter yellow pages to search for and follow targeted users for any category, group, and industry you can imagine. Once you’ve found people to follow, dig into their lists. You’ll find a goldmine of interesting people to follow, who might be interested in your brand and follow you back. You can use an app such as Twellow to help you find new followers.


Pinterest is all about visuals. If you can’t find original, high-quality images of your products to pin, try using a paid Shutterstock account. Remember that your boards have to speak your brand and draw in your target audience. You want people to view the image, but also to click through to your site.


Quora is a Q&A platform that empowers users to gain and share knowledge. People come to Quora to ask questions and connect with individuals who contribute unique insight and quality answers.

Marketers use Quora to drive traffic to their sites, build authority on topics and even enhance their SEO campaigns. Providing excellent answers to questions will help you increase your influence and popularity. You can also improve your visibility in the search engines.

  • Create an impressive profile.
  • Find questions with lots of views and followers.
  • Craft your answers like a great article. Share a cool story and show that you know the subject in detail.
  • Use visuals (pictures or videos).
  • Include a link to other content covering the same subject in detail. Don’t link to your website every time, but go all-in whenever the chance pops up.
  • Be consistent.


Allow me to be blunt: Redditors hate marketers.

They love things that are fun, fresh, unique, exciting, bold, courageous, and cute. However, marketers still successfully use the platform for promotion. They take the risk because it’s worth it.

So, the question is how they do it. The trick with Reddit is to avoid being banned. How?

  • Don’t submit links only to your website
  • Don’t ask for upvotes
  • Avoid illegal content
  • Don’t share anyone’s personal details
  • Don’t be salesy
  • Never share the same comment many times in different subreddits

Sometimes, Reddit bans you and never says a word about it. So, you may continue posting thinking people are following you, yet you’re just talking to yourself. Follow the above tips to avoid such incidents.


Your Instagram feed shines because of the quality of photos you share. To get perfect pictures, take square photos – it saves time on cropping and ensures the essential element in the image remains dead centre.

Use a customized link shortener to track traffic from Instagram.  Google Analytics doesn’t offer an accurate report of visitors who visit your website from your mobile Instagram account.

Be strategic with your bio link. When you are still new in the games and hobby industry, use the link on your bio to connect to a landing page that holds the same posts you share on Instagram. This will allow you to collect leads, promote your e-commerce store, acquire more subscribers to your blog and perhaps even receive entries for a giveaway.

Take advantage of trending hashtags. You might be lucky to be picked by industry players to feature on their websites. Twitter sometimes scouts for trending Instagram accounts and being featured can give your brand an enormous boost.

LinkedIn Publisher

You can take advantage of LinkedIn to boost your content and reputation. When you post articles to LinkedIn, your content becomes searchable by keywords.

Not only does this approach increase your visibility but – once again – you might be picked by LinkedIn’s Pulse to feature on member notifications. Being on the Pulse is like being on the front page of a magazine: it means more views, comments, and shares, which means more traffic and conversions, too.

You must start being social as soon as you set up shop. All the social networks are readily available for building an audience to help you increase your readership and conversions. Start with one or two that suit your content best, then expand to the others as you build more useful and interesting stuff to share. You never know when a post will go viral and bring thousands of potential customers to your site!

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