3 Tips to Help your eCommerce Website Generate More Sales

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Often times I receive questions about website performance and specifically how to generate more sales on my direct website. Every time I’m asked this my follow-up questions are,

Let’s take a look at what are you doing today to get people to come to your website

and then

What are you doing that triggers a buying response?

Here are my tips:

Tip #1 Email marketing campaign tool

First things first get yourself an email marketing campaign tool so you can create strategic buckets of contacts for your promotions and news. If you’re not talking about your store every week across multiple channels to increase brand awareness, it’s going to be a slower road to conditioning your customers to use your store.


Tip #2 Keep your eCommerce website fresh and updated

Keep your eCommerce website fresh and updated

Tip #3 Trigger Buyer’s Response

On the CrystalCommerce Store, you’ll see the Deal of the Day Display and the Deal of the Day product landing page.

The purpose behind the deal of the day features is to condition the customer that you have recurring deals seven days a week. This will keep your customers coming to the site to see what you have each day and they might even stumble on another promotion that you’re running along the way.

Another keynote of these features is what they do to build a sense of urgency. In the deal of the day feature itself, you’ll see that two things are winding down before the deal of the day expires and those are quantity remaining of the product and time. I know that if I’m looking for a good deal on a product, as a consumer if I’m faced with diminishing quantities and time is ticking away, I’m more inclined to put that product into the cart and checkout before the deal is gone.

In the case of the deal of the day landing page, you’re giving the customer a multitude of promotions including the deal of the day.

In the image you see here for example, the deal of the day landing page comes with additional product carousels of products that are on sale, banner ads in case you want to promote a coupon code or other promotions, in addition to the deal of the day widget fixed at the top of the landing page as the focal point.

Both of these features can be found in the CrystalCommerce Store on these links below and if you’re interested can purchase one or both of these features to have implemented on your website within a few days.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you all great success this spring.

Please if you have any questions about these features or other features that can enhance your website in any way please email to ryan.tacazon@crystalcommerce.com

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