Facebook advertising – Part 1

Why Do You Need Facebook Pixel?

What is Facebook Pixel? Simply put, it’s a snippet of code unique to your ad account which goes into your website and it tracks all the people who are visiting your website from Facebook.

Facebook Pixel code snippet

Once it’s there, magic can happen. Without it, no magic.

Advertising on Facebook can be confusing, and I get it. But not doing it you’re leaving money on a table. Even if you’re not going to do advertising on Facebook in the nearest future, you still want to track your store visitors. Why? Because when you decided to do ads, you’ll have a relevant audience from your website at your disposal.

Let’s take a closer look what it actually can do for you.

You probably heard about “Retargeting/Remarketing,” if not, let me explain what it is mean. Retargeting is a paid advertising strategy that involves putting your ads in front of people who have visited your website after they have clicked away and visited other websites.

For instance, you can serve ads to people who have visited a particular page, let’s say www.yourstore.com/magicthegathering. Now you can launch Facebook ads about new Magic: The Gathering release and promote your landing page with pre-orders. And who will be your target audience? Right, people who have visited www.yourstore.com/magicthegathering. This way you will deliver relevant ads to relevant people. It’s a win-win. All in all, you can make your message much more efficient, leading to a better return on your advertising dollars.

Let’s take a look at the conversion tracking on Facebook Ads.

Facebook Pixel conversion

This alone is worth installing the pixel because instead of just measuring the clicks to your site, you’ll be able to see how many users complete the desired action – purchase. You’ll be paying for that actual conversion, and you’ll be able to see how effective your ads are.

This also allows you to troubleshoot your ads more effectively if you aren’t getting the results you want; if you’re getting a lot of clicks but not a lot of conversions, you know that the ad is excellent, but something about either the offer or the landing page isn’t quite right.

Bottom line – the tracking pixel is an undeniable asset in your marketing stack.  

These are huge, exceptionally valuable benefits. In the Facebook Advertising Part 2, we will take a look how you can use your Pixel to run ads campaigns.


And the best part. If you want to add Facebook Pixel to your store (you definitely should by all means) just click on a button below, fill out the form, and we will do the rest!

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