Introducing the Product Locator by CrystalCommerce

The Challenge

You’ve worked hard to create an excellent product that your audience will love. You’ve established and positioned your brand with countless hours and dollars spent on marketing and other efforts. Now you want to grow your business, increase sales, and also contribute to the community in your niche.

To do that, you need better visibility into the sales funnel. You need more ways for fans to find your products and buy them faster and easier. If you could help retailers sell more of your product, you’d probably do it in a heartbeat.


The Solution: The CrystalCommerce Product Locator

At CrystalCommerce, we listen to the needs and wants of all members of the Game and Hobby industry. Within our walls, you’ll find passionate people who consume the very products that you create and have great insights and ideas about how we can make things better for everyone.

That’s how we realized that there was a missing link, which could be a solution to some of the challenges that you face. We’ve worked hard, and now we present to you, the Product Locator.

The Product Locator is a game-changing feature, which increases sales conversions, helps retailers and fans, and increases the connectedness of the community in your niche. It’s the beginning of a revolution, and you can be a part of it!

How does it work?

If you have a CrystalCommerce website, such as one of our Marketplace sites, the Product Locator will already be integrated. If your website is custom, you can have the feature installed on the product pages.

The Product Locator consists of the following elements:

Map – This is displayed on each of your product pages and reveals local brick and mortar stores that have that specific product in stock.

Search, Sorting, and Data features –  Allows the fan to search, filter, sort the retail store results by distance and price, and view ratings and performance data of retailers so they can make the best decision about whom to buy from.

Shopping cart – In addition to referring fans to retailers who have the item on hand, the Product Locator includes full e-commerce functionality! Reduce conversion friction by allowing the fan to buy your products right now without having to go any further than their web browser.

Google Analytics – Even if a fan doesn’t purchase directly on the website, you will have access to helpful data, such as page views per product, time spent on the product’s page, and so on to assist you in making decisions about your website and marketing efforts.

 A screenshot of the Product Locator Beta

The Benefits

Sales Funnel Insights and Strategic Actions

By allowing purchases through your website with the Product Locator, you will have more detailed information about the performance of your sales funnel. When you know when, where, and how much product you’re selling, it’s easier to make strategic decisions, such as when to manufacture more product or when to spend more marketing dollars to drive traffic and sales to your website.

Even better, the sales data is available in real time without having to do any research or incur any additional expenses.


Increased Sales

With the capabilities of the Product Locator, you will sell more of your product, because your retailers will sell more of your product, and your fans will buy and enjoy more of your product. What could be better than win-win-win?


Happier Retailers

You make a desirable product, and you supply it to your retailers. They appreciate that because it gives them the opportunity to do what they love and share it with others. What could you possibly do to make them even happier? Send them more traffic, more customer lifetime value, more local community, and more sales. When you lend them a hand with all of this, they will be ecstatic to continue doing business with you and to be an ambassador for your product.


Happier Fans

When it comes to customer service, small details matter more than most companies realize. If one of your fans has just one, tiny, frustrating experience or disappointment on your website, it could mar their impression of your brand and result in lost sales.

For example, take a fan in your target niche who is browsing your website with the intention of making a purchase. The more steps and complications they are forced to deal with, the less likely it is that they will buy your product now and possibly in the future.

The Product Locator makes quick work of finding and buying a product. Not only will you make the sale, but you’ll also have satisfied customers who leave your site with a favorable impression of your brand and are likely to buy again in the future.



As you can see, the Product Locator is a powerful and revolutionary feature which can change the way your business operates. Exponentially improve sales, help retailers, give fans what they want and need, and have a clearer picture of what’s going on with all of those things so you can confidently make decisions about what to do next.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and enjoy the success you deserve?

Contact to find out how you can reap the benefits of the Product Locator!



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