New Video Game Category with Data

The Video Games category is getting bigger and bigger! A large number of #FLGS Friendly Local Game Stores in the CrystalCommerce network have adopted selling video games as part of their business model. While we already had an existing Video Games category, we have created a new Video Games category that uses the same product names as This will allow you to export .csv files from and import them into your admin with little to no adjustments to the file.

The new category is not connected to the original Video Games category in any way, and we highly suggest you migrate your inventory into the new Video Games category as we will be discontinuing the original Video Games category. In addition to the ability to use .csv(s), this new Video Games category will have more Barcodes, ASINs, and product images than our old Video Games category. Below is the list of Video Games product type information:



  • Brand New
  • Complete
  • Loose


  • Console
  • Genre
  • PCID
  • Release Date
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