CCNN Q&A Sessions Episode #7

Welcome to another edition of CCNN: Q&A Sessions, where members of our team answer your questions directly. This week, our team will be answering the following questions:
0:36 – Are there any plans to develop any new integrated sales channels other than eBay, Amazon and TCGPlayer?
1:14 – The Template Themes were a great innovation to your Design process! Are there any new Themes or functionality in the works?
2:21 – I was hoping for more specific details in regards to POS v4. What can you share at this time?
4:03 – Once a Small Design Request is submitted, how do I find out what is going on with it? What is your process?
4:46 – Is there a plan in place to fix the Import Preview Images?
5:07 – Will your new reporting suite integrate directly with Quickbooks?
5:55 – Is there a possibility of having Channel-specific pricing options in the future? One price for TCGPlayer, one for Direct, etc?
6:37 – What happened to the standard CCNN episodes?

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