Four eCommerce Conversion Hacks for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and the internet is bathed in tricks and tips to help online retailers maximize sales during this crucial time of the year.Most articles urge social media saturation, SEO adjustments, and targeted campaigns to drive traffic to your site. Those articles are valid, and of course you do need to get visitors to your site! But for every dollar spent on driving traffic to e-commerce websites, only about

Most articles urge social media saturation, SEO adjustments, and targeted campaigns to drive traffic to your site. Those articles are valid, and of course, you do need to get visitors to your site!

But for every dollar spent on driving traffic to e-commerce websites, only about one penny is spent on conversion — actually turning those visitors into paying customers.

It’s a staggering disparity.

Can you do anything with your CrystalCommerce website to incentivize conversion? Yes, you absolutely can, and you can do it without having to submit a design request or contact support!

I’ve compiled a list of 4 things that anyone with a standard CrystalCommerce site can do to nudge your audience in the right direction.


Make a “Gifts” page

Whether new or returning, customers arriving at your store generally need guidance towards the right items.

What better way to satisfy this need than to deliver it right to them?

A hand-curated list of gift ideas takes the guesswork out of buying for parents and anyone else who might be unfamiliar with your products. Better yet, you can put a list like this together in a few minutes using tags in the Inventory > Products area of our admin.

Your CrystalCommerce site has a special page that shows all products with a specific tag, so use that to your advantage! If you apply a tag like “Holiday Gift Ideas” to a select number of products (read: less than 50), you can link directly to that tag group by using this little-known feature. The URL for visitors to see the special page is structured like this: Name

To see it for yourself on your own CrystalCommerce site, change the green text to your actual database name. Second, switch out “Tag Name” at the end of the URL above for the tag you have chosen to use — you can absolutely use proper capitalization and spaces. After tagging products in your admin, put together the URL like it shows above to get the URL to your new promo page! Copy that URL and paste it into any banner on your site to link to this page, and voila! You have a gifts collection for your clients to browse through.

The time that you spend digging through your inventory to find the hottest items for this holiday season is time that your customers don’t have to spend. Convenience yields conversions.


Highlight your best selling products

Around the holidays, new traffic to your site is higher than on average. Those new customers won’t necessarily know their way around your specific site right away, so it’s good to have a couple of easy go-to lists for them to check out. Like the “gifts” list above, a “best selling” list offers the kind of social proof that new customers need in order to get on board for that first purchase.

Is there a way to automate this right now? Sorry, not yet.
Is there a way to do it yourself? Absolutely!

We’ll be starting with the second to last filter on the Inventory > Products page. It looks like this:

In the last __ days, __ qty [bought/sold]

I start by selecting a product type from the Product Type drop-down (makes the search faster), and usually go with:

In the past 14 days > 2 qty sold

Our research shows that products under $2 are not particularly high-performing revenue generators, so I usually set a filter of:

Sell Price between $2 and $1000

Finally, it goes without saying that you want these products to be in stock, so I also add a filter for:

Total qty between 1 and 1000

Run this search, find tune it, and see what you come up with! I try to shoot for about 8-10 products scattered across 5 or so product lines, for a total of about 50 products. Tag these products with a tag like `Best Sellers`, and link to this page in the same manner as described in tip 1 above.


3. Make it easy for customers to contact you

The stakes are higher on purchases made during the holidays. Whether it’s questions about return policies, delivery times, or stock quantities, you will see an uptick in contact from your customers.

We recommend that you double-check that your phone number and emails are clearly visible on your site so that those customers can easily find how to get in touch with you.

Additionally, be sure to monitor all contact avenues — including the Contact Us submissions! These are located in the admin in the Advertising > Contact Us Mails tab. Aim to keep your response time under 24 hours.


4. Make your return and shipping info obvious

It’s important for holiday shoppers to know that they can bank on their gifts arriving in time. Offering a guarantee on shipping on all orders before a specified date can be a great way to reassure your audience.

Having return policies up to date and posted in your footer is helpful as well. Establishing clear guidelines helps your customers feel more certain of the parameters of their purchase.

Conversion Bonus: Offer incentives

Up-selling or cross-selling little freebies or promotions can be the difference between an abandoned cart and a conversion. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer a free random rare with any MTG singles purchase over $20 (or some $ threshold)
    Obviously use mostly sub-$1 rares. Maybe give one or two good ones away, and include a congratulatory note with your Facebook address so the recipient feels like they should return the favor and give you a good review 🙂
  • Give away a valuable product to one lucky customer that makes a purchase before a certain date.
    Terms for this one should stipulate that any order over a certain dollar amount will be entered automatically. You’ll draw the name (maybe shoot a video and post to social media!), and send the product for delivery by Dec 25th, or your chosen date.
    Disclaimer: This has to be done manually since there is no filter for order amount, but limiting your search to direct orders does help.
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